Use these 11 simple ways to keep guests satisfied and loyal.

  Even during hard times it is possible for the hospitality industry to thrive without focusing purely on price. By adopting a “customer-centric” strategy with a strong focus on guest satisfaction and customer service it can become a strong point of differentiation. Customers and guests recognise those operators that place them at the heart of everything they do at their property – making sure ...)

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25x advantages for hotels when integrating an online booking engine into your website.

  Independent property owners can now no longer ignore the need for an integrated online booking engine. With such a large proportion of business and leisure travel researched and booked online, if your property does not have an online presence then your cannot be found. Plus operators should be leveraging their property website by integrating an online booking engine to drive their own direct...)

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7 marketing strategies that boost your hotel occupancy and business when you really need it.

  A reduction in your property’s occupancy can be a worrying time as you struggle to work out how to stimulate business. For many hotels (you are not alone) they will also share the same experience of low demand periods or an off peak season. So it can be very tempting to think that slashing rates will sell more hotel room nights and therefore help to increase room revenue. While it may sell ...)

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9 reasons to grow the share of direct bookings for your property.

Reduce your cost of sales and increase profits by selling more room nights through direct bookings. In the old days before Online Travel Agents (OTAs) the larger hotels typically would sell to wholesalers, who then sold room nights to tour operators, who then sold to travel agents and finally to the end consumer for leisure and then more frequently for business as well. This was a multi-layere...)

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Use our 17x point checklist on how to make time to run a successful business.

How to be effective in the workplace. When you look to the future in particular at the hospitality industry the winners will be those hotels that fulfil their potential to grow and succeed by having the right staff in place. The ability to attract, motivate, develop and keep talent will be one of the key success factors as in an expanding hospitality sector. Secondly, in order to keep your gu...)

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