The art of social selling, using your social network to build a brand and generate room nights.

There are already property owners who have mastered how to leverage their social media networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to enhance and develop their positioning and have become early adopters of social selling.  "Social selling is the process of researching, connecting, and interacting with potential customers on your social media networks." But one very important part of social sellin...

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A goldfish has an attention span of 8 seconds - so how tough can it be to get to your website visitors to be engaged in 3?

Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO is the ongoing process of making your website and any landing pages that you have created to be more effective in generating interest, signing up subscriptions and eventually converting visitors from lookers to bookers. In order to convert website traffic to paying guests - now is a good time to ask yourself - how hard does your website work for you? Does it...

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