Use our 17x point checklist on how to make time to run a successful business.

How to be effective in the workplace. When you look to the future in particular at the hospitality industry the winners will be those hotels that fulfil their potential to grow and succeed by having the right staff in place. The ability to attract, motivate, develop and keep talent will be one of the key success factors as in an expanding hospitality sector. Secondly, in order to keep your gu...

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How to maximize revenue from an optimized rate and pricing strategy

A “make or break” for any business is how they set their pricing, so it is vital for the success of your hotel that you employ a well thought out approach to your pricing strategy. How as a business you set your prices can have a positive or negative impact on the reputation of your hotel and its performance. The correct pricing strategy can help you increase your market share and revenue while...

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