Do I have a real job?

Hello, Blog number two... here we go :) As my idea is to write them as a sort of series, it might be good to read my first blog if you want to follow the red line, you can find it here. Why do we need entrepreneurs, and what is an intrapreneur?  Last time I told you about when I co-founded my first company, this time I will give you a little bit more background on my view of entrepreneurship...

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7 practical tips for taking better photos of your hotel

As an avid amateur photographer of over 10 years, I have some pretty good understanding of how to take good photos. I’ve done some photography for hotels previously too, on a low budget. So I thought I would like to share my top 7 tips: 1.      Hire a photographer You might want to do everything yourself to save a few bucks, and you might be thinking that it can’t be that hard to take a coupl...

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Your Customer Database is your Gold

Nobody likes to be treated like they are on a conveyor belt, least of all, customers who picked your hotel amongst the many others they could have chosen. That has to mean something, and it is worth acknowledging. Shared values are important when maintaining customer relations. A loyal customer base is a valuable asset, one that requires care and nurturing. Every customer wants to feel special...

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