How to successfully start a hotel or hostel, pt.1

If you have concluded that you want to start running a hotel/hostel as a business, good for you! Running a hotel can be rewarding, both financially and on a personal level. At this planning stage, it’s good to start quickly to think in practical terms. How large is this hotel or hostel going to be? The larger the hotel, the larger investment it will require, in both time and money. You could al...

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New mobile apps

Finally both our iOS and Android apps are released! This is something that we have been working on for a long time, so it's really great to finally have something that can be used by the public. This is a first release, so keep that in mind. We don't yet have a lot of features, but you can check in/out guests, see available rooms and create new bookings, among other basic things that we felt a...

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The Art of Upselling

In an aggressively competitive industry, hoteliers must find a way to delight their customers whilst remaining profitable. Upselling is one way in which this can work. When you are versed in what your customers seek and desire, upselling does not become a ‘hard sell’ but more of an expansion of your offering. The hospitality sector can use many ways to upsell goods and services: Excellent Co...

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