Managing the Fine Art of “Overbooking”

Overbooking in the hospitality industry can be seen as a “double edged sword” - a profitable practice when working for you, and an utterly disastrous one when working against you. When used ineffectively, the stigma of unprofessionalism can result - often leading to slander on social media outlets, leaving your establishment with a “brand” difficult to shake. You are dealing with real people, w...

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What do you need as a small hotel or hostel?

Anyone running a small hotel or hostel quickly realizes how many different products and online options there are to help with this. The range of vendors and offerings can be overpowering – leaving many to wonder what they really need! Our short guide here will introduce the main concepts and systems you need to consider as you set up, or look to improve, your operations and sales. Managing the...

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How to successfully start a hotel or hostel, pt.2

Hotel management systems An online booking engine is essential for helping travel and tour agencies support reservations for their clients. An OTA (Online Traveling Agency) provides options for your potential guests to be able to know where they may want to travel. A Property Management System (like us), unlike OTAs and Online Booking Engines, take total control of the property -including plan...

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