Extra services that we provide

In this blog post we thought we would shine a light on some of the extra services that we can provide for you.  In our mind, the thing that makes us excel as a provider of business software is our flexibility, and how we try our utmost to avoid you from having to find more suppliers of systems or do manual work for no reason.

There are more than these things in this list that we can help you with, just drop us a note at if there is something you are wondering or would like more information about.


To be able to receive bookings through your own homepage, you obviously need a homepage. This is something that we can help you with, we can set up a simple page and customize it to your liking. This will only cost you €39/mo (with a minimum of 12 months), and we will of course take care of hosting, maintenance and support!

Automatic text messages (SMS)

Do you have a lot of guests contacting you for a description how to get to your hotel, or a lot of people asking the same questions? Maybe it would be possible to inform them all before check-in with a mobile text message. We have the possibility to set up such an automation! It is also possible to send the message at check-out. The pricing depends on the length of the message you want to send, multiplied by the number of messages sent. But it is not expensive, ask us for a quote!

Concierge service

Since we have worked with several hundreds of hotels, seen their websites, uploaded their images, etc, we have through the years become quite knowledgeable regarding how to properly set up your hotel online. We can help you with feedback on images, texts, pricing, competition analysis and give you pointers or what could be improved so that you can increase your rates and occupancy. This consultation is priced per hour, and we charge €99/h.

Send emails with your own domain

Due to the constantly increasing problem with spam, the suppliers of bulk email sending require that you verify the domain you want to send with. That is why everybody is getting mails from the system with the domain instead of your own domain, if you have one. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to verify all of your domains, since it requires some set up for each domain.

But if you feel it would be clearer for your guests that they got email from your own domain, this can be set up of course. There is a one-time fee of €110, and to achieve this we need access to your DNS settings.  We can give you more information about what this means, just write us an e-mail.

Bespoke reports

Do you sometimes wish it was possible to get a PDF or Excel file that had a specific appearance, or the data set up in a particular way? It is of course possible with us! We offer custom made reports where we tailor them according to your specifications. The price is from €400 for the most common types of reports.

Online marketing

Marketing online is today the most important way of marketing your hotel. The majority of bookings come online, and if the potential customers don’t know that you exist, you will gradually see all of your bookings being taken over by the large OTA:s that spend millions on online marketing. Getting started is of course a huge undertaking if you are not familiar with acronyms like CPC, CTR, etc. And where should one market themselves, Google, Facebook or maybe Instagram? Don’t worry, we have multiple years of experience with online marketing. We also cooperate with an ad agency that can assist us in larger marketing projects to make sure it is as professionally made as possible. The cost is of course depending on your budget and based on it we can come with a suggestion where we believe you will get the most bang for your buck. Keep in mind, this marketing spending will drive traffic to your own web site, where the commission rate is 0%!

Ratemetrics integration

What is the correct price for a room in your facility? Well, that depends on what your competition is charging. Often the price depends on season and if there is any large event going on in the area. Ratemetrics is a tool that will help you keep track of your competitor’s prices, so that you have a clear overview of where your prices are compared to others. The cost of this service you might be able to quickly recoup, by making sure your prices are in an optimum range. It costs €6/mo/competitor you wish to follow.

Point Of Sale system/card terminals

Charging your customers is a detail that just needs to be easy, hassle-free and not time consuming, since this is something that is done multiple times per day. Through the years we have got a lot of contacts with suppliers of all sorts of payment systems. Let’s be in touch and we can recommend something that suits your business!


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