Changelog 2016-08-31

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Here is a short update on what's been going on behind the scenes with development of the system!

The issues below have been fixed in the past few weeks:

  • Sometimes the layout breaks on the booking page if a limitation is blocking the booking
  • Map channel names into something easier to understand. We get cryptic names like "hw2" from the channel manager, which can be hard to identify
  • Occupancy report needs to have a limit of maximum number of months you can get a report for. Longer periods can lead to performance problems for all our facilities
  • System.ArgumentException on Search Bills. Rare error fixed
  • English is forced language on new objects. In case the facility does not want to use english at all we should allow this
  • Customers can now have comments on them
  • New customer price has no date created
  • Channel statistics to see where booking are coming from
  • If you refresh the booking recieved page you will get another mail, only one should be sent out

In parallel we are working on a design overhaul of our landing pages, which we internally refer to as pubwebs, and on brand new mobile applications for easier administration of the bookings while on the move. More on those subjects later.

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