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Email spam is, as probably everyone knows, a huge problem. Every online service that sends a larger amount of email needs to keep a close eye on this subject to not be listed as a known spam offender on the online lists that track spam senders. HappyBooking sends in the range of hundreds of emails each day, confirmations to the guests, copies to the facilities and various informational emails.

Our previous provider of email functionality has decided to shut down their service, and while looking deeper into this we came to the conclusion that at the same time we should do a larger change in how we deal with email. Today, we set the sender of the email to the adress that is set on the customer, for example This is however not recommended unless there has been set a verification between the email sender service and the domain (in this case, This verification tells everybody that handles this message on its way from the sender to the recipient that the message is not spam.

In the near future we will start sending all non-verified emails with our own domain (, with your email set as the "reply-to" adress, which will make sure that if a guest replies to an email sent, it will end up in the right place.

As a second option will will offer a service to help you verify your domain with our email service if you want to keep your own adress as the sender. This will dramatically reduce the chance of our mails ending up in the spam box of guests and customers, which is in our minds the most important part in all this. Mails that end up in the spam box are just confusing and annoying, for all parties. We will charge a one time fee of 99GBP/1099SEK for this service.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this change.

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