..and the price is great too!

HappyBooking starts from €50 / £40 / mo. No Commissions. Online booking, manage guests, bills and much more. Throw away your paper and pen ledger.

Our average customer saves 10 hours per week!

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Usability in focus

We have always focused to create a user-friendly booking system. Each new facility receives complementary training of the system that provides basic knowledge which makes it possible to get started immediately.

Support for card payments online

We offer support for card payments online on your website regardless of which of our contracts you sign. The cost is only 1.95% per card payment. Payment service provider (PSP) is included and you pay no monthly fee.

Online reservations without commission

We do not charge any commission for the online bookings.

Channel Manager

HappyBooking can be connected to a channel manager that makes it possible to get reservations from external reservation sites automatically. This is potentially a great timesaver for most facilities and reduces the risk for overbookings. We support more than 100 booking channels (booking.com, hotels.com, AirBnb and many more). This is an additional service, ask us and we let you know how it works. It is easy to get started.


With HappyBookings system you can produce a variety of useful reports, such as ledgers and reservation statistics. We also offer the ability to customize reports based on your unique needs.

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