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How can I close my facility so no one can book?

Guests will not be able to book if you have a Facility limitation, please note that this limitation will apply only to your online booking page and will not apply to your booking channels, to close your rooms in your booking channels you need to do it in the channel manager, you can check their help center to know how to do this: https://myallocator.cloudbeds.com/hc/en-us.

To close your rooms so your guests can’t book via your online booking page you can follow these instructions:

  • Go to Facility > Administration > Limitations
  • Click on “Create new limitation”
  • Select the product that you want to set the limitation to, if all of the products are under a folder you can select the folder so the limitation will apply to all the products under that folder
  • On the dropdown list select “Facility Closed”
  • Select the dates “From” and “To” where the facility will be closed.
  • Leave the field “Num or weekday (1 for monday)” on blank as this limitation does not required this field
  • Save the limitation

You can go ahead and try to book a room via your online booking page to see if the limitation has been set up properly.

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