Changelog 2016-08-31

Here is a short update on what's been going on behind the scenes with development of the system! The issues below have been fixed in the past few weeks: Sometimes the layout breaks on the booking page if a limitation is blocking the booking Map channel names into something easier to understand. We get cryptic names like "hw2" from the channel manager, which can be hard to identify Occupan...)

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The Essentials of Online Marketing for Hotels

Getting your name out there is a hard enough job, let alone navigating the endless digital tools and avenues which are meant to take the pain out of marketing. Throw in the supercharged competition of the hotel industry and you have a recipe for the greatest challenge of your entrepreneurial life. The age of online marketing is rapidly heading into its maturity which means there are tried and t...)

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How Outstanding Photos will Boost your Business

How many times have you looked at stunning travel photography and imagined yourself lying on that particular beach, gazing at that waterfall, enjoying that delicious dessert? Photographs have the power to change minds, making a potential guest pick a property they had not considered previously and discard a property they were going to book. Good quality images are essential if you want to incre...)

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Sooner or later reality catches up with all of us

Hi! My name is Thomas Andersson and I am the CEO and co-founder of HappyBooking. With this, and upcoming blogs, I will focus on the challenges that I face as a co-founder and CEO of HappyBooking. Back to when it all started for me I started my first company when I was sixteen years old. Back then it wasn't part of my plan, but due to Swedish laws I wasn’t allowed to work weekends and late ev...)

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5 easy ways to increase online bookings for your hotel, hostel or BnB

The competition for online bookings and traffic is tough, and it might be very daunting for the smaller hotel manager or BnB owner. Digital or online marketing might seem very expensive and difficult for the untrained eye, but don’t be put off by the fancy terms used by all those big shot agencies. There is a lot you can do with minimal time and money spent, and it’s actually not that hard.  H...)

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