Best practices for managing your hotel reviews in an online world.

How to turn"lookers into bookers". Most of us would agree that a customer review can hold a lot influence on how a guest makes a buying decision, and there’s plenty of research to support that especially when it comes to booking a hotel room. A recent TripAdvisor® study revealed that more than half of travelers won’t book a hotel until they have read reviews and 83 percent of travelers read re...)

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Unlocking the Potential of Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a significant role in our everyday lives - it has changed the way we communicate, influencing our day-to-day activities and even the ways in which we travel and see the world. With outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn (just to name a few), it is easy to see that social media is not just a fad, but is in fact, here to stay. A strong online presence has ...)

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Managing the Fine Art of “Overbooking”

Overbooking in the hospitality industry can be seen as a “double edged sword” - a profitable practice when working for you, and an utterly disastrous one when working against you. When used ineffectively, the stigma of unprofessionalism can result - often leading to slander on social media outlets, leaving your establishment with a “brand” difficult to shake. You are dealing with real people, w...)

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What do you need as a small hotel or hostel?

Anyone running a small hotel or hostel quickly realizes how many different products and online options there are to help with this. The range of vendors and offerings can be overpowering – leaving many to wonder what they really need! Our short guide here will introduce the main concepts and systems you need to consider as you set up, or look to improve, your operations and sales. Managing the...)

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How to successfully start a hotel or hostel, pt.1

If you have concluded that you want to start running a hotel/hostel as a business, good for you! Running a hotel can be rewarding, both financially and on a personal level. At this planning stage, it’s good to start quickly to think in practical terms. How large is this hotel or hostel going to be? The larger the hotel, the larger investment it will require, in both time and money. You could al...)

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