5 easy ways to increase online bookings for your hotel, hostel or BnB

The competition for online bookings and traffic is tough, and it might be very daunting for the smaller hotel manager or BnB owner. Digital or online marketing might seem very expensive and difficult for the untrained eye, but don’t be put off by the fancy terms used by all those big shot agencies. There is a lot you can do with minimal time and money spent, and it’s actually not that hard.  H...)

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A word from the CTO, pt.2

Chances are, if you are reading this blog post you clicked on a link on either Facebook or Twitter. That post that you saw, was an ad, so in other words it was social marketing. And this blog post, is part of our content marketing effort.  Doesn’t sound very nice when I put it like that, I know, but it is the truth. Now, I enjoy writing and posting on the blog, so don’t get me wrong. I’m in no...)

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A word from the CTO

If you are one of our earliest customers, you might have talked to me. Back in the day we had no support staff, no onboarding staff. Our CEO doubled as a sales manager and I did pretty much the rest. Building the system and taking care of our few customers.  My name is Henri Toivonen and I'm the CTO of HappyBooking. During the first years of our company's history I was also the only developer ...)

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Our family is happily growing

We continue growing as a happy family, this week  we welcome new hotels in South Africa, Italy and USA this means we reached 2 more continents. You too can become a very happy hotel manager, join HappyBooking!  )

Latest changes 2016-06-21

We are continuously changing our system to provide you with the best experience and lately we have had some big changes. - New colors can be used now on the calendar and you can add them to a booking, this colors can be used freely to have a more graphic view of your guests that you need to keep a track of. - You can send SMS to your guests with any information that you want to communicate ...)

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